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The Quiz Bee is an academic competition organized by the Quiz Bee Foundation where the country's public and private school students compete in a year - long elimination process that culminates in the National Quiz Bee Grand Finals.

In the words of the Quiz Bee Foundation chairman Mr. Rasty M Tayag, the main objectives of the Quiz Bee Foundation are.

- "To encourage, promote, enhance and develop the intellectual, moral and physical attributes of man, especially the youth of the world;

- To encourage, promote the intellectual faculties of the youth of the world through friendly competitions in sciences, politics, history, culture, law and other subjects of national, regional or international import without regard to color, creed or political orientation;

- To promote, foster, encourage and develop international understanding, fellowship, solidarity, peace, goodwill, cooperation, mutual respect and self - reliance among men, especially the youth of the world;

-To provide a forum and venue for intellectual activities or exercises, discussions or conventions on international topics, or events involving or affecting the youth of the world".


A Commitment to the Future

Today, we hover at the edge of a cliff.
Yesterday, we hoped to overcome this cliff.
But, it is still with us.

And, so we can only hope for better tomorrows.
Through children who can come to grips with each other.
Who can learn tolerance, friendly competition and genuine friendships,
So early in life.

It is today's children who can make better tomorrows,
Who may erase the cliffs we continually teeter on.
To this dream, we commit the QUIZ BEE.