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(Enclosure no. 2 DepED Advisory no. 125, s. 2008)

Rules and Regulations of the National Children’s Quiz Bee®
Elementary MAKABAYAN (Philippine History, Culture & Values) Category

  • All contestants will answer the same set of questions in writing.  Before a question is read, the contestants must raise their Uni markers.
  • Questions will be read twice by the Quizmaster; once in English and once in Filipino. 
  • After the second (2nd) reading, the Quizmaster shall say “go” --- only then will the contestants be allowed to write their answer.  Automatically, the ten (10) second time - limit will begin with the word "go" by the Quizmaster.
  • After the time limit and the buzzer sounds, the contestants must stop writing and raise their answerboards.
  • The Quizmaster shall read and verify the contestants’ answer.
  • There are four (4) rounds in each competition namely:  Easy, Average, Difficult and Clincher.  The Clincher round takes place only if there is a tie.
  • In the Easy Round, two (2) questions will be asked;  in the Average Round, three (3) questions; in the Difficult Round, five (5) questions, and in the Clincher Round, as many questions as needed.
  • Points are assigned for each question answered correctly:
    • Easy question                1 point
    • Average question          2 points
    • Difficult question           3 points
    • Clincher question         5 points
  • After the fifth (5th) question in the Difficult Round, the total number of points of each contestant is tabulated.
  • The contestant who gets the highest number of points is automatically declared the Champion; and the second (2nd) highest --- the Runner – up.
  • Should there be a tie among the contestants getting the highest score or the second (2nd) highest score, the contest continues to the Clincher Round to determine the Champion or the Runner - up as the case may be.
  • The total number of points of the tied contestants will revert back to zero (0).
  • In the Clincher Round, as many questions will be asked.  Each question is assigned five (5) points.  The contestant who first (1st) gets fifteen (15) points is declared the Winner.
  • Should another tie occur after the third (3rd) Clincher question, one (1) more question will be asked to break the tie and so on until a Winner is declared.
  • In case the Champion is unable to compete in the next contest level (District, Division, Regional or National), the duly certified Runner – up will take the place of the Champion.
  • The duly registered teacher - coach of the contestant is the only person authorized to make a protest.
  • All protest should be referred to the Board of Judges immediately, before the Quizmaster reads the next question.
  • Only the teacher – coach will act as the Official Chaperon/ Guardian of the contestant to the Summit of the Super Quiz Bees and the National Grand Finals.
  • The Board of Judges shall be in complete control of the contest.  Their decision shall be final in all questions/ protests.
  • Any Department of Education (DepEd) personnel related by affinity or consanguinity up to the third (3rd) degree to any contestant or teacher - coach is disqualified in the committees involved in the planning and formulation of questions in the Quiz Bee contests nor can they act as coach of any contestant.
  • Past Champions of the National, ASEAN and World Quiz Bee are no longer qualified to join in future Quiz Bee competitions to give others a chance to aspire for the top honors.
  • All Champions of the National, ASEAN and World Quiz Bee are automatically barred to join any similar contest for a period of one (1) year from their Quiz Bee Championship.
  • The term Quiz Bee and its logo is a duly registered trademark protected by the Intellectual Property Office.
  • The Quiz Bee name and logo can only be used for the sole purpose of multi – level eliminations for the Quiz Bee contests (School Level Quiz Bee, District Level Quiz Bee, Division Level Quiz Bee and Regional Level Quiz Bee).
  •  Legal action shall be taken against any organization or person utilizing the "Quiz Bee" name and/or logo without the formal approval of the Quiz Bee Foundation.
  • Any violation of the Quiz Bee House Rules and aforementioned rules shall result in forfeiture of titles, prizes and privileges of any winning contestant or teacher – coach concerned.