Office of the President

Rules & Regulations

Makabayan (Philippine History, Culture & Values) Category

  1. All contestants will answer the same set of questions in writing. Before a question is read, the contestants must raise their Uni markers.
  2. Questions will be read twice by the Quizmaster; once in English and once in Filipino.
  3. After the second (2nd) reading, the Quizmaster shall say "go" --- only then will the contestants be allowed to write their answer. Automatically, the ten (10) second time - limit will begin with the word "go" by the Quizmaster.
  4. After the time limit and the buzzer sounds, the contestants must stop writing and raise their answerboards.
  5. The Quizmaster shall read and verify the contestants' answer.
  6. There are four (4) rounds in each competition namely: Easy, Average, Difficult and Clincher. The Clincher round takes place only if there is a tie.
  7. In the Easy Round, two (2) questions will be asked; in the Average Round, three (3) questions; in the Difficult Round, five (5) questions, and in the Clincher Round, as many questions as needed.
  8. Points are assigned for each question answered correctly:
    . Easy question               1 point
    . Average question         2 points
    . Difficult question          3 points
    . Clincher question        5 points
  9. After the fifth (5th) question in the Difficult Round, the total number of points of each contestant is tabulated.
  10. The contestant who gets the highest number of points is automatically declared the Champion; and the second (2nd) highest --- the Runner - up.
  11. Should there be a tie among the contestants getting the highest score or the second (2nd) highest score, the contest continues to the Clincher Round to determine the Champion or the Runner - up as the case may be.
  12. The total number of points of the tied contestants will revert back to zero (0).
  13. In the Clincher Round, as many questions will be asked. Each question is assigned five (5) points. The contestant who first (1st) gets fifteen (15) points is declared the Winner.
  14. Should another tie occur after the third (3rd) Clincher question, one (1) more question will be asked to break the tie and so on until a Winner is declared.
  15. In case the Champion is unable to compete in the next contest level (District, Division, Regional or National), the duly certified Runner - up will take the place of the Champion.
  16. The duly registered teacher - coach of the contestant is the only person authorized to make a protest.
  17. All protest should be referred to the Board of Judges immediately, before the Quizmaster reads the next question.
  18. Only the teacher - coach will act as the Official Chaperon/ Guardian of the contestant to the Summit of the Super Quiz Bees and the National Grand Finals.
  19. The Board of Judges shall be in complete control of the contest. Their decision shall be final in all questions/ protests.
  20. Any Department of Education (DepEd) personnel related by affinity or consanguinity up to the third (3rd) degree to any contestant or teacher - coach is disqualified in the committees involved in the planning and formulation of questions in the Quiz Bee contests nor can they act as coach of any contestant.
  21. Past Champions of the National, ASEAN and World Quiz Bee are no longer qualified to join in future Quiz Bee competitions to give others a chance to aspire for the top honors.
  22. All Champions of the National, ASEAN and World Quiz Bee are automatically barred to join any similar contest for a period of one (1) year from their Quiz Bee Championship.
  23. The term Quiz Bee and its logo is a duly registered trademark protected by the Intellectual Property Office.
  24. The Quiz Bee name and logo can only be used for the sole purpose of multi - level eliminations for the Quiz Bee contests (School Level Quiz Bee, District Level Quiz Bee, Division Level Quiz Bee and Regional Level Quiz Bee).
  25. Legal action shall be taken against any organization or person utilizing the "Quiz Bee" name and/or logo without the formal approval of the Quiz Bee Foundation.
  26. Any violation of the Quiz Bee House Rules and aforementioned rules shall result in forfeiture of titles, prizes and privileges of any winning contestant or teacher - coach concerned.